Streetparty In Liverpool. New album out now on Noisetrade 

Faith-based folk music from 'Bama. 

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Streetparty In Liverpool is the solo folk project of Alabama native Marleigh Jones.

Starting out music as a hobby, and gaining popularity on social networking sites, with her signature grass-roots folk music, faith-filled lyrics and a voice that will lull a bunny to sleep (really, it happened before) - Streetparty has blossomed into a ministry backed with a lot of heart

Streetparty's new self-produced album 'jubal' was released April 2014.

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itsastreetpartyinliverpool (at) gmail (dot) com


-Name: Marleigh

-Where do you live?: 'Bama

-Who's in the band?: Just me, I know. It's confusing.

-Where's the music?:



-Can I interview/book you for my blog/show?: Sure thing! Send me an email (address below) and we'll talk.

-Hey, why dont you tour and play shows near me?: I'm working on it. I pinky promise that I'll let you know when I play a show.

Anything else? Shoot me an email

itsastreetpartyinliverpool (at) gmail (dot) com

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/Go. Because He said to go. Go. Abandon your home. He alone will keep you sheltered from the storm. Go. Because He said to go.

/Come to Him with open arms. He will keep you safe from harm. Abandoning yourself, and picking up the cross, come to Him with open arms.

/Stay if He's telling you to. He knows much better than you. He wrote the book, that much I know is true. So stay if He's telling you to.

//But if life it starts to knock you down, just look up, dont look around. Turn your eyes on Jesus, turn 'em to the light. The One Who made you so carefully is here with you tonight.

---------------------Wait on You------------------------------

/I am sorry a lot, but I dont know how it got this far. Waiting and waiting for something to save me, when I knew I needed You.

/You know the plans You have for me. But saying that is easier than trusting. Trying and trying, still I go to sleep crying. But that's not what you want me to do. /I went back to church Sunday, and honestly, I felt so lost in that place. Hiding from grace for too many days. Thank God You didnt let me slip away

//Give me something I know is true, say something so loud I know it's You. Begging and trying and praying and fighting to hear something new. But I guess I'll have to wait on You.

--------------------Outlaw, Alien----------------

/I am an Outlaw, sin has no hold on me. All is abstract except for the fact that love has to ground me.

/I am an Alien, sin has no hold on me. All is abstract except for the fact that love has to ground me.

/I am exempt from this, sin has no hold on me. All is abstract except for the fact that love has to ground me.

//And it's not because of my own deeds, but because of what You've done for me. I was bought with a price, the price was Your Son and the currency was Love.

-I'm not good, but You are. I'm not strong, but You are. I'm not whole, but You are. I'm not mine, but Yours.

-----------------Anthem (Once I'm dead)--------------------

/Once I'm dead I want neither a name, nor a remnant leave. All I want to see is the cross. Alone standing.

/Once I'm gone, I want neither a lender nor a debtor be. I'm simply trying to give back some of wht youve graciously given me.

//Are You proud when You look down at me. I hope to Heaven that I've made You happy. I am terrified I havent done enough, but I'm confident I know I'll never fall out of Your love. I am sure You'll always give me mor ethan I can take, but I guess that's the point of having blind faith.

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